Mix/Sound Cloud alternative - come and try it out.


I am trying this script and would like a few people if possible to come and have a play :)

It's a basic site to upload your previously made shows like the Sound / Mix Cloud systems.

At the moment, I am working on just a quick 'blah blah' for the TOS etc

Someone is working on a LIVE Video and Audio section for me, it will allow Premium users (once turned on)
to go live via their own cams or simply live-play your shout/ice cast streams under your name.

Guest users will be able to see you live and listen live or listen to your uploaded shows only. (no uploads)
Free users, same as above but can leave comments and upload 200mb tracks with 1GB free space.
Pro users will get unlimited upload space and track size sets to.. ummm, say 500mb ?
Just fiddling around with the script to be honest so the site may not actually stay, if anyone wants in to help test
or even wants to jump in and be part of the team, let me know, I'll set up a new forum for this and will split any income.

No, no! I am not looking for your credit card number or even your names lol, just trying something new :)