Mixer with Mic Muting

What mixer do you use at your internet radio station

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Hello All!

I wonder if any of you might have two minutes to help me?

I'm in the process of building an internet radio station, with the view of using some of the equipment for a community radio license in the future.

At the moment I plan to do this in two phases -
  • Phase 1 - constant music streaming to the internet using playitlive on a single computer (https://www.playitsoftware.com/). This is free software and looks to be able to do what I need at this stage. Can anyone recommend something better?
  • Phase 2 - Build a studio and introduce a broadcast mixer, microphone and other sound sources to the output of the station.
I've worked in small community radio stations before and we've predominantly used the Allen and Heath XB-14-2 mixing desk. For phase 2 I'm aware that if I end up building a studio I'm going to need a mixer that has relays on the mic channels to mute the studio speakers when the mics are live. Can you recommend a cheaper alternative to the Allen and Heath XB-14-2 mixer, that has automatic speaker muting on the mic channels? Or is there another way around this problem? Are cheaper mixers able to avoid this issue? Maybe something from Behringer or Soundcraft?

Many thanks for your anticipated help. I'll let you all know when the station is up and running!

With Kind regards