Recruiting for Gaming Based DJ's


MMO Radio, one of gaming radio's longest running online stations, is now taking applications for new DJ's. What we are looking for:
1. Must be able to connect to a Shoutcast server
2. Must have at least enough music to play four 3 Hour shows in a month.

3. All shows are done live "In-Game" in one of our supported MMO's. (Currently SW:TOR, Star Trek Online, WoW, others in the works).
4. Multiple streams available, meaning more than one DJ can be on air at any given time.

We handle the advertising, party setup, prizes, and so on. Your job is to just be you and entertain. We have enough open slots to accomodate quite a few DJ's. so if your interested, contact me at for more info or you can go to our website and hit the "Recruiting" tab (PC only, mobile version under re-construction).