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Hi there

Please accept my apologies if this has already been answered.
I just want to clarify that I have understood it properly.
I currently pay for my bandwidth via your Pay As You Go option.
I have had to top up a few times this month and I'm thinking that I may be cheaper paying monthly.
Am I correct in thinking that, going by your calculator, If I pay £19.20 per month, I can broadcast at 128kbts, 24 hours a day, as long as I dont go ver 20 listeners?
If this is the case, what happens if I do go over 20 listeners? Are they refused connection? or do I get invoiced for the extra bandwidth?
I obviously dont' want any listeners to be refused connection so I want to make sure I'm making the correct decision.
I look forward to your reply
Rab Brogan
Apollo Radio UK


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Hi Rab

With the monthly option you choose a max listener capacity and when the capacity is reached new listeners are refused. The idea is to choose a good amount for your max listeners. Using the PAYG system for a while should have given you an idea what this figure should be.

If you are streaming 24/7 then the Monthly option will work out cheaper for you.

Drop us an email : if you wish to discuss moving to a monthly unlimited bandwidth option and we will help you organise this.