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Just signed up for an account and am totally new to this internet radio thing, so I have a couple of questions that I can't find answers for in the forums.

My situation : Once I have this setup it will be used by a traditional FM radio station in Spain to broadcast live 24/7. I am using Edcast with Lame and have chosen Icecast (because it has/had better web player support).

My Questions :)

1. I have followed the guide here to setup edcast, changed the server type to Icecast 2.

What Mount Point should I be using in Edcast? I see some mention by the admins that IR uses autodetect?

I figure I should be using either /live or /stream ? EdCast default is "/stream.ogg"

And what are the other mount points for?

(I only found what mountpoints were available from viewing my icecast status page)

2. I setup the intro and fallback MP3's, but I dont hear the intro MP3. fallback seems to work just fine. To check, I uploaded my intro mp3 as a fallback, and sure enough it plays just fine. Perhaps this is connected to my first question.

Well I thought I would have more questions, but it seems like ive wrapped it all up into just two!

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Hi costaalmeria. Welcome to Internet Radio. Im sure we can help you along. Using Lame on Edcast is a good choice.

The mountpoint you should use is /live

The other mountpoints are used for the Auto DJ.

Regarding the intro file issue. It sounds like your intro file format differs from your stream. The intro / fallback files must be exactly the same bitrate / samplerate / channels as you stream at as most players cannot handle a difference.

Let us know if you have any further questions.


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I have setup to use the /live mountpoint - I have another problem, but I think I should add a new thread for this one :)