Multiple Presenters & Shows seeking new Station


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Hi all,

I've been running a station since last year, but have failed to secure a budget to allow us to continue broadcasting.

We cease broadcasting this weekend, leaving two presenters with live shows that no longer have a home, but do have an established and loyal audience.

Are you looking for a couple of new presenters to join your station? If so please do let me know and I'll give you the show specifics and more details.



Hello Bear, I'm definitely interested.
Please contact me and I may be able to do more for them than just being presenters.
Also keep a backup of your current station before you close it.
With my large network of stations, I can have a look and maybe keep your station alive.
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We are a new station in Edinburgh, launching sometime in September. We are looking for a live presenter or two to help with the schedule. We have a small (but perfectly formed) studio in Edinburgh (using PlayoutONE Pro) and will be going onto the local Small Scale DAB facility as soon as it launches (in a few months methinks) as well as doing internet radio. So that will broadcasting to population of 500,000 :) We have ex-pro presenters on the ranks and a few people from around the UK too. Drop me an email if interested to take discussions further.


Member looking for a few more to feel the gaps .look at the schedule page on if there is a gap that fits there needs please put them intouch with us at or join our discord chat found at the bottom of the home page we will then give um a 15 min trial just to make sure connection is stable mic is clear and metadata comes through nicely and we can get them on board .hope to hear from you soon regards Management at iconic extra