My Mac User Dj's Need An Encoder


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Hi peep's,

Please help me out ! I now have a few wanna be Dj's using Mac's and as you know winamp and shoutcast dsp wont work.

My question is will Nicecast or can you think of a free altanative to nicecast ?

Many thanks Kurioz - RollinRadio Owner / Dogs Body and all the techy things.


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Nicecast is a great piece of software that we recommend for Mac users. Im not aware of any free mac shoutcast encoders.


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Nicecast - support

Cheers support, will look into it maybe a torrent file somewhere for it - not that im recomending piracy but why pay for something just as it is for a mac lol

Winamp and shoutcast all free - Nicecast should take note.