My server does not transmit 404 - The file you requested could not be found


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Good day, hire a server with you, but at the moment of starting the transmission and want to listen at the server sends the message: "404 - The file you requested could not Be found ".

I can transmit but I can not listen to my transmission
Hi Jacobo,

We are sorry for the delay in our reply. We have been very busy the last few days!

The issue here is that there's nothing broadcasting on the "/live" mount point so therefore it shows a "404" error. As you are not currently broadcasting at the moment we cannot see exactly what you are doing here but we think it is likely that you have your mount point set incorrectly in your encoder software. When you connect live you should connect on the /live mount whilst your AutoDJ runs on the /autodj mount. Your listeners then tune in via the default mount and are then subsequently moved automatically between /live and /autodj.