New DJs Invited to SpiritPlants Radio in 2018!

SpiritPlants Radio is an online 24/7 psychedelic radio station that has been on the air since 2003. We feature many kinds of musical programming, including rock, electronica, jazz, and classical. We also air news programs, comedians, and lectures by such great thinkers as Terence McKenna, Alan Watts, Timothy Leary, and Robert Anton Wilson.

Much of our programming is created by a staff of DJs, and we are always looking out for people, experienced or new, who would like to try their hand at hosting a show.

The mission of SpiritPlants Radio is to promote freedom of expression, freedom to experiment, and to encourage individuals who are still finding their unique voices to expand their ambitions. Everyone has something to say, whether by playing a song they like, or speaking something into a microphone. This is the psychedelic idealism we promote.

The shows are recorded in advance, not live, so the pressure of doing a live show is not part of the equation. Also, not every show is weekly; DJs do shows at a rate that works best (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, occasionally). It's a great way to share your favorite music and your thoughts with the world. Our station gets listeners from all over the world. I invite every person reading this post to consider becoming a DJ, trying it out to see how it goes. Email us at

SpiritPlants Radio: Turn on. Tune in!



New Member
I'd be interested in hosting a show, let me know what genre you'd like me to host for. Contact me at my email: <<>>

I can send a few custom samples using your station name.


It's nice to hear from people, but the best way to find out if your show fits on SPR is to listen to its content, and then write to me at We are interested in working with all kinds of DJs, but it would be helpful if you have a knowledge of the station first. We want original DJ shows, not shows on other stations, not subscriptions, not samples. Please write if you are interested and we can discuss!