New Music Releases From New Artiste

Hi Internet Radio Executive,

In my quest to present my music positively and acquire some traction futuristically, I decided to write to you hoping for a fruitful response.

I am a new unknown artiste with material behind my name and it's a bit challenging to gain airplay and live interviews to get things going.
The challenges are one too many daily in order to make this become a reality.

To summarise my intentions, I completed a new hot single that I think would interest you as well as the others in the making currently at the studio. I am hoping that it warrants a live interview on one of your live cast at your convenience to get it visible and musically appreciated.

The material can be sent directly if you provide a suitable email address or located on Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, Juno downloads and pandora box.

You can also find me following you on;
@ILUVthrills instagram
luvthrills on facebook
Youtube =

Any assistance given will be greatly appreciated!
Thank you in advance for acknowledging my digital presence!

See the links below.