New Name and looking for great DJ's.

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    I had some problems with the old name as it was thought adult content and that was not my intention, so now it's
    We have a great team in place and would love you to join us. Established since 2005.
    I build and host the site and servers, also fully licensed so your covered.
    Full interaction with chat, requests and just a lot of fun.
    Our main times are US evenings and would love some UK input to the site.
    Time slots are up to you or just come on when you feel like it, no pressure.
    My DJ panel is different to others just start your encoder and your live.
    Look forward to hearing from all-rounder DJ's. 60's to current day.
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    Three Radio Stations on the chat site now and we all love the djs. Join the team with your station or tune in via the chat room promos.
    Radio bots introduce DJ's and songs all for your convenience. Request songs in the chat rooms and chat with Dj's, so interactive for your listening pleasure.
    All free to join us, just contact me to join this and set up your new chat room with a radio bot.
    I also build and help with radio stations if you're not happy with your station. Web design etc.
    Look forward to hearing from you. As always looking for new DJ's if you love the interaction that we love in chat.
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