New station coming soon

Hello everyone

Hope your all well

After taking a few years out from running my own online internet radio station I’m in the process of setting one up.

The Music that we will be playing is Trance so if any of you djs play this kind of music and would like a regular slot please get in touch

I’m currently working on the website which I will post once it’s nearly done

I can get real Djs to create us Dj Drops for your show opener my top guy is Judge Jules

Anyway less of me chatting

Positions available are

Assist Manager

Hope to hear from you soon
Hi there. I used to DJ many years ago and have recently got back into it. Still got the old skills. I play all genres of Trance but mainly old skool 90s stuff and Hard House. My Facebook page is here:

My mixcloud is here:

This is all work in progress as this year am starting out again online.

I can use all types of software if needed but as yet haven't live broadcasted outside Facebook.

Am interested in hooking up on an online station with the hope of it being regular. Based in UK. Will help as much as i can and being my age am quite sensible.

Give me a shout if you are interested.
Search for me on Facebook Dave Moore and I’ll speak to you more in there mate

Facebook page has now been set up I’ll add you once you add me as a friend Imhopefully the station will Ben live as from Sunday night next week
Hi, Seems good im quite young but i believe/many people believe I am very sensible for my age. I also mainly play house but also some trance and its mainly from the 90's and the 00's so the classics! I would be able to do 4PM-5PM (UK Time) or 5-6PM any week day but I would prefer the latter one.

Here is my demo. It's quite dancey and not much trance but here it goes.

If thats not what youre looking for then I also am very interested in designing banners and posters and anything graphic design and if you requested ,I could also design a website

Thankyou From Dawson
Hey! I'm a radio Presenter wanting to get back into it. I've done it for a couple years, mental health has kind of dropped off a bit over the last 2 years, though.

This post is kind of amazing because I am a Trance presenter. I love radio and I love Trance and I love playing Trance. Please hit me up!