New station looking for a selection of staff.

Hi , I’m the owner and currently recruiting for my new station Splash Damage Radio. Currently in build stage of website. (Live with test stream and auto DJ)
I’ts in its infancy, but would love to get some presenters on board, list of positions below.
Must be aged 18 or over, all work is done remotely and is voluntary, (non paid)

Current prime slots free, Monday , Wednesday,Thursday. Check schedule for other slots.

Ethos of station.
Entertain and have fun. Enjoy your selection and share your love of music with others.

Target audience.
15-55. gamers.
Show types.
Music genres. Dance, trance ,house, hip-hop, rap, garage, underground, dance hall, reggaeton hardcore, electro ,dubstep, indie, ska. Dweeb.
Music genres not targeted, country classical, metal.

Type of show wanted.
New music,
music mixes,
music with presenter interaction.
Recorded chat show with or without guest on gaming. Music or just generally having a laugh.

Positions open

Presenter/DJ (presenters and DJs need to be able to TALK to their audience, during their show, so a decent microphone is needed)
You will be any level, if your just learning to mix, it’s an ideal way to get yourself on air.

Staff manager, to recruit and keep the team on board.
Social media, currently only twitter and Facebook( both brand new no followers yet) looking for someone with an instagram knowledge,to reach out to the right audience.
Discord host. Recruit and enable dc users to members and roles.

Visit website and fill in application. I look forward to welcoming you on board.
Or email
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Nice. Check out our website schedule to see if there's a slot you can commit too, happy to have you on board.
Click the apply button and we could have you onboard next week.

DJ Taz

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i appreciate your interested in the content I sent you. I was able to check out your website last night. I would like to know what it is that you are looking for as far as content is it radio show or a mix show.

Thank You
DJ Taz
A radio show, if you want to mix as part of that show, that would be fine but it's audience entertainment and knowing a presenter is there live and interacting. Your show is your own, no music tracks forced on you or format, just the recognition of the listeners during the show. (and just 2 hours per week)