New station looking for talent. No promises made here.

Hi all we only went live 3 weeks ago, so looking for presenters, DJs etc, and looking for more, currently only 1 live show and 3 scheduled pre recorded, (All featured in the top 100 podcasts <<< look honesty! )

We are looking for dance, house, garage, trance, dub, step drum and bass etc and all flavours of electronic dance music.
Also indie type music and unsigned band showcase style programs would be of interest.
The show is your show, no restrictions (apart from genre).
Not looking for country , rock or metal. (May add a show or 2 later on, should we survive the summer!)

Come visit us for a slot.

We don’t pay, we don’t promise to “make you famous”

We do promise to publicise your show, we have discord,Facebook and Twitter, (would like instagram but need a curator.) moderators and social Positions available too.

Already had over 200 sessions, from places like U.K., Canada, Australia’s,USA, Norway, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Holland and even Bangladesh!
Website already gaining organic traffic from google too.

Come join us and share your love of music.
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Come and check us out, see if you fancy a slot on air with us. Hit the contact button on the website and ask any questions you may have. (Link to site in my signature below)
Come and give us a try, if you are a new presenter, or just looking for airplay, tune in, see if we are your kinda outfit, if so click apply,

Speak soon.