New Station PunkRat FM looking for enthusiastic broadcasters

Hey there,

My name is Drew and I am in the process of launching Punkrat FM, an internet radio station that caters for all genres of punk music; Specifically Punk Rock, Punk Pop, Ska Punk and Celtic punk.

I am looking for broadcasters who have a love of punk music and ultimatley know how to entertain an audience. At this point alot of the station is running autodj music but i would like to fill out the program roster with some interesting talent.

Initially this is a volunteer station but it is something I want to pursue fulltime and i would be willing to pay broadcasters in the future once we can get listener numbers up and are able to entertain advertising for funding.

Our website is and our stream can be found HERE

If your interested get in touch.

Hey there, station is just about to launch and we still have slots for enthusiastic presenters.
We also have an app being created to increase our listener reach.
Very nice web site, cant wait to see it finished...Well done!
If you would like a top chat room for the site let me know.