New Weekly LGBT+ Community Show - Gay Culture


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Looking for a new show for your station? I got you!

Gay Culture is an Ofcom friendly 2 Hour Radio Program already taken by several community stations in England, it's presented by upcoming UK presenter and activist Jacob Edward & produced by Kyan Bridges. The show can be broadcast any time of day once you have been added to our lists, the shows are uploaded to Dropbox on a weekly basis with the same file name each week, perfect to add to your automated output! You can either opt for two, hour-long shows or four, 30 minutes split hours for you to insert advertisements or trails in between.

The show itself is a look at what's been happening in the LGBT world over the past week, alongside chart songs and LGBT artists. Jacob's presenting style makes the show fun, interesting and perfect for any schedule! It helps that he knows his stuff too!

If you're interested in taking the show, please feel free to email us and check out our demo below!