Not Happy

I Have been with you guys since I started my station.. we always had a good amount of listeners. Then a few months ago, all of a sudden your web player is giving issues..I addressed this with you and I was told that the reason why the player is not working all the time is due to us not being secure...We are secure. We have lost a whole lot of listeners- on top of that...Your stats are not correct...I can see the amount of peeps and yet your peek is a lot less than that..All this I can deal with, but the fact that i have dropped a lot of listeners...That gets to me...I am thinking of changing to another host that does not have these probs. And please do not tell me that the readings on stats are correct , because it is not.


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Hi Bulldogsrock,

We are really sorry to hear that you are not happy and to hear that this has affected your listener numbers The recent web player issues are discussed here:

Basically as of February 2020 the base code for Chrome web browsers has removed the ability to play unsecured http streams on secure https websites. The same has recently been applied to the Firefox web browser. Unfortunately Centovacast does not officially support https streaming at this moment. So your station's stream URL is http which is insecure to these web browsers. You can however use an SSL proxy link which we have had to put together to work around the Chrome/Firefox web browser playback issues until an update is provided in a newer version of Centovacast. For your station the https stream url is

The Centovacast stats are very accurate. The 'Peak Listener' stat does not mean that all of those listeners were all concurrently connected at a particular time, that is just the amount of connections made to the stream within that hour of the reporting period. Some, if not most of them will have likely quickly tuned in and then out again. They have to be accurate as a lot of stations require the stats to send their broadcast reports to their licensing provider.

We can fully appreciate your frustration with this as this is also affecting a lot of other stations in the same way. All we can do is apologise for any inconvenience this has caused you and recommend that you use the https stream url provided as and where you can.