online station looking for pre -recorded shows to air on our station...

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    DJ PROUD New Member

    Hi There we our looking for pre - recorded shows to air on our online station
    We have been online for many years..on and off..
    We have a few slots left to fill for pre recorded shows... Looking for 2- 3 hour show.....
    you can email us at
    cheers dj proud
  2. Deepoise

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    Hello, this is Hef Chulo of Side Hustle Radio. I do a live show every Saturday. My cohost, is a actual Dj and is affiliated with a fleet of dj's. It is a two hour show with great content. We interview unsigned artist across the globe. We like to consider ourselves an hub where the unsigned has a platform.

    We are looking expand our show. We would like to know if any stations have any available time slots. We do two hour shows each week. Pls email

    Thanks for the consideration.

  3. Harty

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