"Oops! Something went wrong!..." when loading /station/wtsq881/


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We’re experiencing the same issue with six (6) stations. Nothing is loading:mad:!


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yup, ive mentioned this in a email to support they need to at least have some kinda cust support on the weekends or to check in on their systems, its not on for a premium service provider.... nothing will prob get done till monday now.. im down quite alot of listeners cos of it :mad:
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I got an e mail back saying they were sorry.... doesnt matter to me now... we're not broadcasting


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Hi all,

Apologies for the issue. There was a problem with the updating of the "start pages" in our directory for some stations. We've fixed the issue now and stations should be listed as normal from now on.
I have a question. Have any of you noticed a drop in your listeners since this thing happened..I have..I am just wondering is it from my side. We have Dj`s that pull big crowds. not so much now