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Hi all i created and host the Paranormal chat show Haunted Cornwallfm,
The growth of this show is phenominal and we have now gone worldwide since nov,
We are now trying to increase and expand the show and we are wandering would any station like to pick it up,
At the moment we stream live from Penwith Radio in cornwall and also in usa with planet paranormal in Canada with Ztalk and the dust, we go out on a sun night from 8pm gmt untill 10pm gmt
Our listeners at the moment are approx 100,000 and we would like to make this showthe biggest and best in the world (delusions of grandeur)
check out our website which has had over 250,00 hits in 11 weeeks
Hope to hear from you soon
100,000 huh? I found this post very interesting. I found it very odd that you would post that you have 100,000 listeners considering the Penwith Radio is only 1000 slots on Shoutcast and the listener peak is only 2.
hi there, since this was put up we dont have 100,000 listeners any more we have an average of 250,000, we get these because the show is syndicated to 6 different stations and on livestream so please dont comment on something you havnt got the facts about, in fact the top number we have had is 1.4 million and last night the viewers were allegedl;y 3million
Excuse me but do you mind tellingme what is entertaining,
Ithink you are very entertaining, and rthe kind of person who wouldnt be able to see the stars in front of there eyes ,
blessed be my freind and enjoy your life


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Before this gets out of hand its probably a good idea to firstly clarify whether you mean simultaneous listeners or listeners since you have started etc... ? What is your metric ?

How are you measuring these figures ?

Could you provide links and/or screenshots to your stats ?

This information could be very useful to other Internet Radio users who wish to be as successful as you say you are.

as you asked me to do,
On 16 August 2010 23:56, John Forster <> wrote:
> Hi there we are the only real paranormal show in the uk, we go out from
> Penwith Radio on a sunday night,aslong with thwe dust, who has topld me he
> has +3 =3000 listeners on his station each week,Planet Paranormal hasd +4
> =4000 some of these being listeniong to the podcast, Live paranormal = 5 000
> known many unknown, TSN has 15000 listeners and hvrn has 15000, these are
> known fuigures, whgen we went on PTN they had a full house that we were told
> is 4 million that is a tv internert network we cannot tell how many listen
> in the uk because our station does not have the capacity to record,figures ,
> however our server says we have 30 listeners when there are nearly 100 in
> the chatrooms and 200 in the other chatroom so that isnt very accurate is
> it, The only time we have had over 1million is when derek acorah came on the
> show, and that was 1.4 million, i do not lie i have no need to as we are a
> voluntary show and d ont need the ratings to substantiate a big wage,