Passionate Presenters Please! - OurCast

OurCast is all about giving Presenters and DJs a place to express what they are passionate about, even if it does mean talking for longer than a minute per link.

Shock!Horror! A presenter with a whole hour to fill, however they'll be mutiny!

Or, perhaps, it'll be interesting to hear all who have been silenced. We are not intending to be a slick, well-oiled broadcasting juggernaught, we are not setting out to say how things should be done, we are providing a platform for presenters of all styles and abilities who have things to say, be heard. Whilst the radio industry has shrunk beyond all belief, there's room for all of us on the internet.

Perhaps you're just starting out and want to hone that talent, maybe you've had your 'pro' time and just want to keep your hand in and treat it like a hobby. Whatever your reason for wanting to be on air, we could be the vehicle you're listening out for.

Give us a listen through our very basic website, below and drop us a line through the contacts page if you'd like to be a part of our cast