Playing files in sequential order

I have my current playlist set to play as sequential as it is old time radio programs. The station is playing a program that is in the media file but not in the current playlist.
Am I doing something wrong?


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Hi PenfoldOldTimeRadio,

You have only the one playlist active at present, so we cannot see how it could possibly be playing a file from another playlist?

Are you referring to your sequential "General Rotation Play November 11" playlist? Which file is it that is not in the playlist that is being played during this?
The file in question has since been deleted as has the entire playlist. I agree that it should be impossible to happen, but it did it just the once and doesn't appear to have happened since so I guess everything is okay now. Sorry I bothered you. I should have waited to see if it happened again after removing the file and playlist before posting here. Thanks for your response though.