Please fix Centova Control Panel

I have been having recurring issues when accessing stats on my control panel for the past several months. I almost always get an error saying something like "the page cannot load your data at this time" but then works after reloading the page, sometimes after several times. Today, I cannot even access the control panel at all. I'm just getting an error that says: "
Sorry, an error occurred while attempting to load the requested page.

Super annoying. Please help correct this problem.


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Hi Radio Free Brooklyn,

We apologise for the inconvenience of this. We are taking a look at your account at present to see why your stats are not loading correctly. We had the same issue ourselves when we tried to view them with a "Bad Gateway" error.

We have been experiencing some intermittent control panel issues over the last two days and from our monitoring it seems to be the log processing of Centovacast that's the problem. We will need to escalate this problem to Centova themselves which we are doing today.

We are also doing some work ourselves to try and optimise the database to see if that helps at all.

Once again, we are really sorry for the issues caused by this.