Powermix FM I-Radio Looking for Dj's


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Dear friends

Our new (remade from scratch) e-radio
is looking for experienced DJ's that
play Trance music.

Let us know if you interested and of
course above 17+ .

Send us email at: Contact Support

All the best wishes to all and
hope all e-radios keep up the
good works :)



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We like your mixing...

hello!I can join to your team if you still looking for a radio DJ.
here is some mixes and radio shows.

Djlatz, Check Out Photos, Music, DJ Mixes and Demos and Find New Music Contacts / Tempo Plus

djlatz - Tracks - SoundCloud

So if you like my mixes just let me know.Thank you.

Dj Latz
We have listened your mixing and we like your
music and style.

Your music is the music that our e-radio
usually plays.

Send me an email at
with your information:

1. Name of the show
2. Days you wish to play
and any other info that
might be usufull or
even question you have
to make.

Jim @ Powermix FM
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