Pre produced Shows requested

The group I am working with are looking for pre recorded content that can be scheduled into an automated stream which will hopefully be starting full time from around the beginning of February 2010.

We are looking for different types of production which could be of local interest or could have a bit of local flavour inserted.

They could be social commentary, gaming reviews, business predictions, particular music genres, audio books, spiritual guidance (including religion), sports features, or any other subject you might feel needs air time but tends to be neglected by the mainstream.

Production could be from 5 minutes to 120 minutes, as you wish.

If you want to promote a company (i.e. sponsoring an "advertorial" piece) this can be accomodated but we would make a small charge depending on length of content.

Obviously no offensive material will be accepted.

Many of our existing contributors will provide new content on a fortnightly basis.
If you wanted to refresh on a weekly or monthly cycle this can be accomodated, all we would ask is that a commitment is made for at least 3 months with a reasonable notice period if you wanted to pursue other interests.

If you wish to have any further detail, or wanted to discuss any proposals you might have, please email me at (I'm sure i will have missed something obvious :)8))

This is an opportunity for those wishing to start out as a regular broadcaster or existing experienced presnters looking for a new outlet.

Many thanks, I look forward to hearing from you

Merry Christmas

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