Presenters/ Shows Wanted


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Hi there

Would you be able to pre record a show, and submit it to us on a weekly basis?
or Have you experience in running a station? maybe you could help with scheduling?
We are Apollo Radio UK, we relaunched on 31st Dec after a year break and we already have a steady stream of listeners.
At the moment staff resources are limited and for this reason, we're only broadcasting pre recorded shows.
We are a voluntary station and therefore no fees would be paid.
We play a varied selection of music and most types of shows would be considered, including, chat, news, comedy etc.

If you're interested, please contact me.

Rab Brogan
Apollo Radio UK


Hi There,

I will be putting a 1 Hour pre recorded show together stsrting in a few weeks this will be avaiable once a month.

Cheers Alistair


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What sort of genre is your radio station?

I have a pre-recorded sample (30 minutes) show I could send to you if you're interested, but it is primarily dance music, however I am not limited to a genre.
Also would a microphone be required during the pre-recorded show as I currently do not have access to one.