Prevent Station ID's from playing all at once

Hi Everybody! I had all my station id's in the general rotation playlist along with most of the tracks in our library, and I noticed that the station id's weren't getting played often enough. So, I put all the station id's in a new general rotation playlist by themselves and set the playback weight to 20. I immediately noticed that they were getting played more often, but they were also getting played all at once. I reduced the playback weight to 10, no change. It's now set at 3 and I'm waiting to see if that does it.

My question is, is there anything more I can do to prevent them from all playing back-to-back each time?


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Hi Charliemason,

We would suggest that you create an 'Interval' playlist for your Station ID's instead and set this to play an ID after so many songs each time.