Professional FM Sounding Online Radio Station Looking For Volunteer Remote Voicetrackers For Middays And Overnights

#1 online country radio Kdub Hit Country is searching for some great talent! Send an aircheck to kwilliams@kdubhitcountry and let's get you a slot on the hottest FM sounding online radio station! We serve 16,000 + listeners monthly, international, and the best part... We are COMMERCIAL FREE! Looking to move to the heart of Nashville in the next few months, and the listenership will be increasing! Be a part of the best on air talent team. Will discuss shifts after we determine who will be the best fit! 1 midmorning shift, 2 overnight shifts, and a couple weekend shifts that will be available! Send Kevin an aircheck to the email provided and I am excited to meet you! Continuous Country Favorites of the 80's, 90's, 2000's, and today! Have a great night!!