Radio Directories - Any good ones?


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Hi, I am fairly new to internet radio and working on setting up a station. I got an email today from a directory and I was told to sign up to as many as I can. I have signed up so far for:

If anyone has any others could they include them here please.



The best of all. The newest radio directory. It brings me lots of listeners and listening hours. A project developed in the Netherlands. Stations from the entire world.

They are accepting submissions for radio stations - so now is a good time to get in while people are buzzing about this, and perhaps they can discover YOUR radio station.

E-mail the following info to

Station name
Station website
Streaming MP3 URL
City and Country of your studios

I have no affiliation with this company other than thinking that it is a neat idea and another way to expose your station.



of course :) we we all are now.
But also... ... are very good,

and of course make sure your auth hash is set if your shoutcast system and you can be listed here