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Programme #226 first issued : 19 December 2021 ::::: Playing 24/7 all week

Happy Winter Solstice this week ! This year we've been marking the solstices and equinoxes with programmes dedicated to the elements : Spring = Water, Summer = Fire, Autumn = Air.... so that just leaves Earth for Winter.

We start with aliens visiting the Earth and being horrified at the state of the environment, and end on a hopeful note that the Earth shall bear again. And inbetween we give you the best Earth-themed music you'll hear anywhere this Solstice. Enjoy.

01 : Jerry Samuels - This Is Planet Earth
02 : Ernest Ranglin & The Mountaineers - Earth Sound
03 : Bunny Wailer - Walk The Proud Land
04 : Vibronics - Mother Earth
05 : Joe Henderson - Earth
06 : The Slits - Earthbeat
07 : The Gun Club - Mother Of Earth
08 - Third Ear Band - Dragon Lines
09 : Charles Dodge - Earth's Magnetic Field
10 : John Cage - And The Earth Shall Bear Again

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