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Hi all

My name is Seb, I have a weekly two-hour long radio show that I do with my friends Mike and Pete (Hence the name the SMP show). We play a lot of rock, indie, some pop from the 90's and 00's we're nostalgic for, whatever we feel like really. We do a lot of features and competitions like Radio Mish Mash (Where two songs are played together backwards and Mike and Pete have to guess what they are) and talk about music, gigs we've been to and just any funny topics we can think of.

Our old station closed abruptly, so we need a new station. Our usual slot is 4-6pm GMT on Monday's because that's when the three of us are generally available, but we'd be open to other times if this is a problem.

We have recordings of old shows if anyone wants to hear more of what we do, if you're a station that'd be interested in having our show or know of one who might, please get in touch.


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Hey there Seb, Mike & Pete ... your show sounds like a perfect fit for Stop by and see what you think. We are a family friendly radio station and do not tolerate explicit language or lyrics. Our station is U.S. based and has been streaming with live DJs since 2010. We have a state of the art DJ panel and an auto-load request box ... and better yet, a fantastic support team! If interested, go to our website and click on the "Apply Center" tab. We'll look forward to seeing you soon!


Hi Seb,
We at Have A Blast radio are currently looking for DJs. Is this a live show? Please check out our station and complete an application while visiting. We are family oriented, with no foul language or lyrics. Looking forward to hearing from you.


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Hello Seb,

The Wanted Network are always looking to accommodate new Presenters and DJs and we offer 3 Genre Based Radios.

You can go to to find out what positions are available and the responsibilities of each role. Head over now to find something that suits you.

Good luck!!!

Kind regards,
The Wanted Team