Random Track during During a scheduled show.. Twice

Wondering why a random track from another playlist would play in the middle of a scheduled show - thereby disrupting the intended flow of the music .. When the random track played, it displayed the track title but no playlist. The random track that played is in a 'General Rotation' playlist.

It happened today during a playlist called 'Top 10 - More Songs I Feel Like Hearing' and a week ago during a playlist called 'Mindwipe's Retro (9)' -both times before the last track played. The Mindwipe playlist played fine during a replay of it later..

Fortunately the song that played out of nowhere today made a little sense - but during the 'Mindwipe' show it did not. It's like the AutoDJ says ;'screw it, I'm playing something else'. The random track that played during the 'Mindwipe' Playlist - was only in a disabled playlist - not in a general rotation playlist anywhere.

Sorry for bluntness - but that's the 3rd time I've experienced this..

It was mentioned the 1st time last November that the bitrate of the song has something to with it.. The random song that played today was 248kbps - the song that was supposed to play was 192, as was the song before the random one played. My stream is set to 128kbps - However, all seemed well until recently..

Hoping i don't have to re-do my entire library -

Being Optimistic,

Chris Jones
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Hi Chris,

Sorry to hear you are experiencing issues with this still. Which track in particular was it that was played?

As mentioned before, ideally all of your uploaded media files should all be encoded at the same bitrate as per your AutoDJ features configuration of 128kbps. Although the AutoDJ does re-encode these files on the fly, you should really upload them to begin with at a matching bitrate (128kbps) and sample rate (44100hz) as any inconsistencies on the file change overs can sometimes cause some playback issues with the feature!

You have so many scheduled playlists (more than I've ever seen on an account before) is is hard for me to work out exactly what could have gone wrong here? To be honest, I can't help but think with so many playlists this is unfortunately going to happen from time to time where a random track just finds it's way into another playlist (although it shouldn't).
Thank You for your reply - the track that played during the Mindwipe playlist was in the disabled 'Loveday' playlist - that track was Juice Newton - The Sweetest Thing. The track that played during the Top 10 playlist was One of These Nights - Eagles - which is in the otherwise active 'Chronological' playlist.

That said, I do have a lot going on and tend to get picky about what exactly is heard during certain times of the day and on certain days. Actually, I am grateful that the system handles all those playlists like it does. I really have no complaints - and my listeners do not either. This is quite Fun.


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Okay I'm glad to hear that you have no complaints and you're generally happy with how it works.

I'll take a look at those files for you, it certainly should not being playing any files from a disabled playlist that's for sure!