Recent Tracks listing without images?

I like the recent tracks list widget that I can put on our site. However, when we stream live, there are no images just grey squares, which is quite ugly.

I'd like to remove them, not figure out how to make them display while streaming live, and create a more streamlined listing of the playlist. Is there a way to do that through an API or something?



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Hi Vendetta,

Unfortunately the widgets are not currently customizable from within Centovacast. However, Centova Cast v3.2.10 has just been released and according to the change log the new update includes:

  • Modernized all Javascript widgets to use modern data-attributes instead of relying on kludgy element ID hacks
  • Documented CSS class names used for all widgets to allow customization by station operators
We are yet to install this update but we shall do any day now and we will be interested to see how this works.