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I hope your rectory dedication ceremony went well and you all had a good Christmas; but it appears you have uploaded the electronic flyer for your ceremony rather than the screenshot of the device/user (it will show on your centovacast control panel on "active listeners" screen).

BTW it might also be worth carefully checking in case someone has gifted an internet radio or other device to the rectory that is perhaps being left on as "background music", maybe in a communal area (especially if the rectory is shared by more than one priest!) An easy way to check is if the external IP address of the "robot" happens to be the same as any other computers, mobile phones etc in use within the rectory..

It is easy for people who might perhaps be older and more used to a traditional radio to do this, and not be aware that this has cost/bandwidth implications for online radio stations.

If you are still unsure about the listener repost the screenshot and maybe people here can identify the device (a lot of these "Alexa" and other "smart speaker" things and home automation seem to connect to online radio streams automatically for several hours.