Scheduled issues

Hi guys.

I'm Cris, looking for some help.

Since I get the service, I could never broadcast a radioshow on time.

If I put the file on a playlist "Scheduled", it never starts, even configuring the local time. The radioshow simply doesn't start.

We can't either use properly the "Inmediate" playlist, because never start after the end of the previous track. We have to forward manually to the following track, and after 5 or 7 attempts, finally we can broadcast the radioshow.

I don't know what to do. Could you plaese help e with this? Thanks in advance.


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Hi Cris,

You should be aware that tracks on the Auto DJ playlists are never interrupted mid-track. So if a longer track was playing just before another "Scheduled" playlist was due to start, the system would wait for that track to finish. So, if for example the track playing is an hour in length, it will run for the full hour before a scheduled playlist kicks in.

From looking at your playlists you seem to have several "General Rotation" and several "Immediate" playlists set up. For now we would suggest just having the one 'general rotation' and the one 'immediate' playlist to get this all working correctly. You may also find the following section of the Centova manual helpful in better understanding how these different types of playlists work:

Hope this helps?