scheduled playlist does not play

i have an account with internet-radio
i set up general rotation playlist as well as scheduled playlist
the scheduled playlist absolutely refuses to play
i checked all the configs for it 10 times but still cant get it to work
date time enabled are all fine
have restarted server countless time but still not working
what should i check now?


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Hi yanar,

You should be aware that tracks on the Auto DJ playlists are never interrupted mid-track. So if a track was playing just before another scheduled playlist was due to start, the system would wait for that track to finish first. So if for example the track playing is 10 minutes in length, it will run for the full 10 minutes before a scheduled playlist kicks in. Had that file started playing at say 10am and the scheduled playlist was also due to start at that same time, the scheduled playlist will not actually start until about 10:10am when the previous track had finished playing.

So this could explain why you are thinking this is not working.

I've just tested this by changing the start time to 10:20am for your "day4" scheduled playlist and adjusting your time zone settings for UK time and your "TAL NACHUM - HADRACHAT KALOT" track from the scheduled playlist kicked in at 10:21am after the previous track "Pirsum Aguda" from your general rotation playlist "regular" had finished playing. So this all seems to be working fine as far as I can see.

I've restored your previous time zone settings by the way.
ok - i now realize (correct if wrong) that when i make changes to the playlists or schedule settings, i need to set the start time for the playlist to some future time (even one minute from now) in order for it to kick in.
right - but i thought that if i set the start date + time to a past date (let's say yesterday) then after i edit the playlist and start the autodj the playlist would automatically start playing now (since the start date was yesterday and it is set to repeat)
so, that is wrong, and in fact the start time needs to be reset to a future time in order to kick in
hope i understood


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No it does not work like that, but if you had the 'repeat schedule' set to "weekly" for example it would begin on that same day/time the following week.

Always set your scheduled playlists up in advance.