Scheduled Playlist to Repeat

i have a scheduled playlist which is supposed to play every wednesday
the playlist itself is only an hour or so long (for instance)
i want it to play then entire 24 (or so ) hours on wednesday, so i set the "stop after" setting to a little less than 24 hours from start time of playlist
but it doesn't work, and i think the reason is that the stop after setting will minimize the playing time but not increase it, so if the playlist is an hour long the stop after setting can tell it to stop at less than an hour, but not repeat itself for more than an hour
1 - is this so?
2 - if so, how can i have a scheduled weekly playlist play for the entire day repeating itself for that entire day?

Thank you in advance for any help


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Hi Yanar,

Is that your "day4" scheduled playlist? That playlist is only 6 minutes and 55 seconds in length with one track, therefore it will only play for the 6 minutes and 55 seconds in total. The '480' minutes (8 hours) "stop after" setting you have set is completely useless as the playlist is not even that long in length, that setting does not increase the playing time for this. If you want this to loop that one 6 minute track for 24 hours this would really need to be a "general rotation" playlist instead, but then you won't be able to schedule a date and time for this.

So a workaround for this would be to just keep adding that same file you already have in that playlist many many times until the total play length (found in the bottom right corner) adds up to around 24 hours.