Sdr come join us, presenter or talent?

SDR Talent Scout

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So we are on the lookout for
1. new presenters, (2 hours no restriction other than LIVE) media/promo team members
3. talent scout/music curators.

If you are interested in any role please send an email to with job preference and a small bio as to what you would bring to us. (include some info about yourself and any previous experience you consider relevant) all positions are from home so applications accepted worldwide, all we ask is you are over 18.

apply by emailing above or hit the website and click apply (fill in the details )

look forward to hearing from you,

Splashy D

SDR Talent Scout

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We have been fairly low key, but we have got 3 big record companies on board now , so should see plenty of new music coming our way. Just need the talent to make shows with it!