Seamless transition to your service


We currently have a streaming host that we're not happy with and would like to switch to your PAYG plan. However, we're a 24/7 network and want the transition to be as seamless as possible with no downtime for listeners on iTunes, TuneIn, etc. While we submit requests to iTunes and TuneIn to change the stream info, I'm wondering if it's possible to broadcast to the old stream via Nicecast and to the new stream using something like BUTT so that there's no interference to our listeners. When the transition is complete on TuneIn and iTunes, we'd simply broadcast only to the new stream. Is this possible, as far as you know? Do you have another suggestion? Thanks.


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Hi Radio Free Brooklyn,

Welcome to the forum and thank you for your interest in our services.

Ok great, yes you could run the streams in parallel if you like until you are fully ready to make the switch over. You could also just relay your current servers stream on one of our servers and then when you are ready just quickly switch the encoder to connect to us instead of your current server.



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No problem at all.

You just need your current servers hostname (or IP) address and the port number to set this up. We can do it for you if you like once you have set the new account with us up. Its very easy to set up.
We're still doing the 7-day trial, and I would like to hear how this relay sounds before we commit to it. However, if it's acceptable, I don't have a problem providing payment before the 7 days is up.

Our username is radiofreebk and the *current* stream is at If you can set that up, it'd be great -- if you need us to be paying customers first, I understand and will set it up myself if you tell me how. Thanks.