Secure https link for my radio station


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I have embedded my radio stream in my website with jplayer. But the link i receive in the centova control panel begins with http
As our website is secure we need a secure link (https). Is there any way i can obtain such a link to my radio stream?
Thank you in advance for any assistance.


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Hi Meir,

Unfortunately you will find that almost all internet radio stations are broadcasted unencrypted and are not sent over https. So we are afraid there is nothing that we can do about this for you unfortunately until Cenotvacast starts supporting https streams.


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You can have ssl endpoints, but for the sake of internet security (to prevent IP hyjacking that is used by darkweb) , the streaming server should always not be encrypted. SSL never garantees anything other than the data is encrypted and the extra overhead would add about 100-200 ms of latency. So the limit would be like a 64kbps site if all transmissions are encrypted.

Anything served with the file repository can be SSL links. The web proxy link will always be http (which I would remove if you want a pure https site).

my radio station is: KNKL Pirate Radio Sturgis I have the endpoints ssl as well as the Jplayer which it uses the main SSL instead of one that is installed on a streaming server (which is supposed to be this way).

Thank you for setting this up this way. Shoutcasting wouldn't be safe to do otherwise.