Seeking stations that will support our artists


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Hi, Happy New Year to you all!

I run an indie label based in the UK called Wobbly Music. We sign new independent artists Worldwide and help them to get more exposure for their music. We have a diverse range of artists who make anything from indie or classic rock to Folk, pop, acoustic and dance. I'm, looking for radio stations who are interested in supporting new artists with regular airplay. We have a subscription page where you can subscribe to one or more broad genres that would suit your programming. You will be sent download links to press packs and music files prior to each new release in your chosen genre(s). We are totally independent of any major label involvement and therefore require all the help we can get! Our artists would be very appreciative of any airplay they can get and we'll all help to promote your station by sharing your links on our network of web sites and social media pages.

You can find details of our artists on our web site, or subscribe directly from the industry download page.

Many thanks.
Lynn Monk
Owner/Founder, Wobbly Music