Seeking Talented DJs/Hosrs/Presenters


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J Wonder FM, is a US based internet station, seeking programming talent (DJs, hosts, shows) and/or cross promotion. Our station offers not only various genres of music (gospel, reggae, soca, rock, r&b and more) but we provide educational/political/cultural awareness content to our listeners. The majority of our programs are LIVE however we are open to your pre-recorded content.

Those interested in being a member of our team may email us at We have evening slots available on Mondays and Wednesdays as well as Saturday from 6 AM to Noon EST.
Be professional
No obscene language or explicit content
High Speed Internet Access

Visit our website at

New to the radio scene? No problem, we're looking for all levels of talent.

Sean Wilkie

I am a rock dj, I owned PUlse Radio for the past 10 years but it is closed now and just looking to do my Disciples of Rock show for 2 hours a week. I am not looking to be controlled or be told how to do it as I have over 18 yrs exp djing and know what needs to be done. I can follow basic station rules. If interested I am available on M, W or F nights from 7-10 PM CST time and only want to do one 2 hour show a week. Thank you for your time. I do use VDJ and also have MIXX. I know Sams well but do not own a copy nor will i pay for it again.