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Shout Radio relies on a team of volunteers to keep the station on air 24 hours a day. There are loads of roles available and loads of reasons why you should join Shout Radio. Below, you can find out about the many roles available and what they entail.

Presentation and Production Volunteers

Presentation and Production Volunteers make up the majority of our volunteers. These volunteers present the shows you may have heard on air and produce the jingles you hear on the air! These volunteers also look after the station music libraries. (Airsuite and Studio)

Current on air slots that are available, are as follows:

Monday 5am – 8am
Tuesday 6am – 7am & 7pm – 8pm
Friday 5am – 8am , 11am -12pm & 1pm – 3pm

Please note these this above are BST

Please keep an eye on this page, regarding slot availability, as the schedule is ever changing and the slots may become unavailable at very short notice. (As they are allocated on a 1st come 1st serve basis, with priority given to more specialist shows).

Administration Volunteers

Our dedicated Admin Team, look after the General Office. From answering the phones, sending emails and photocopying etc; the team helps our Management Team and keeps our office running efficiently. If you ring the Office, it is likely your call will be answered by one of our friendly the Admin Volunteers.

IT Team Volunteers

Our IT Teams, take care of our IT Systems and Websites. From maintaining the website, to managing our Studio Network. IT also deal with the Servicedesk, which we share with the Volunteer Services Team.

The Servicedesk is busy and deals with Incidents, Change Requests and General Support issues. IT is also deals with the maintenance of core systems, such as Airsuite, our IP Phone System and our Internal Network. If you are a IT Boff, this job is perfect for you.

Social Media Volunteers

Our Social Media Team is a very busy team, who take care of our Facebook and Twitter Accounts, answer questions and messages on our Social Media Accounts and post updates on our Facebook and Twitter pages. If you’re the creative type who is social media savvy, then this team is for you!

To Apply for any of the positions please go to: and fill the form out or phone 01253 707420 and a member of management will be more then happy to answer any questions you may have.
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Sean Wilkie

I am looking to dj my rock show live on WED or Fri nights from 7pm to 10pm CST time. I have 28 years in the industry as a rock singer, dj and owner. Most all my music is tagged and I use VDJ. I do cuss on air and my songs are not radio edit as I listen to Octane and that is what I am my show is called the Disciples of Rock and my dj name is Cru. So if interested hit me up at again I work for free so only will follow basic rules if you want to pay me I will cater to your needs. I do have a few shows that u can listen to. My times are USA CST so one hour earlier than EST but u want the best here I am.

Sean Wilkie

Not sure why I am seeing this I am looking to dj my rock show the Disciples of Rock on Wed or Fri night live from 7PM to 9PM CST if either statiion is interested. I use VDJ and to be honest 80 percent of music is tagged, If u have a link so I can put all my music thru it to be checked other then promos i will do it. LOL I can be reached at sort of tells u my dj name as well. Sorry I got in this thread I honestly just looking to dj no issues no drama.

Sean Wilkie

I am in the usa and availvalbe frin 7pm to 10 pm EST can be talked into earlier or later but I am moving on Aug 28 again u put July I can not be their as I dont have a time machine. I also talk on air and only do rock and roll tunes if someone requests out of the 50 yr genere sorry I wont play it.