Show That Hits The Global Top 70 in "Pop" on Mixcloud every week. Anyone want to syndicate?


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I've got a show that goes out live every Sunday in the UK.

The subsequent recording regularly hits top 70 global for Pop on Mixcloud every week.

I'm wondering if anyone would like it for syndication?

The show is called The Retro Nouveau and it's a 1:1 mix of tunes from the 80s/90s, that you may not have heard for a while, along with brand new tunes, that aren't in the charts.

Mix in a bit of banter and it's a show that everyone will at least like some tunes from :)

Here's yesterdays show, at #95 on the global pop charts on Mixcloud at the time of writing:

The Retro Nouveau - 01/09/19

Note, I will edit out all the adverts and / or replace with your adverts where needed.

I'm not looking to get paid, just want to grow the show.

If you're interested, let me know.



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Hi Tony

Sounds great. We are also based in the UK so would be interested in broadcasting it live if possible but would also have it prerecorded if that option was unavailable. Please give me a shout at and check out the station at www.ambron-radio,com.