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What do you get when a bunch of geeks with plenty of radio experience between them and who love music and gaming come together?
You get Simulator Vibes!

Simulator Vibes is focused around bringing the best experience to all our listeners. We're always looking to add fresh talent to our team and broadcast to a wide variety of listeners worldwide.

If this sounds like something you're interested in then please get in touch.

Requirements for Presenters:

- We have a minimum age requirement of 18 years
- A substantial music library is necessary as DJs & Presenters manage their own shows/music
- Adequate headset/microphone
- Broadcasting software of your choice.
- Your software must broadcast in ICECAST2 or SHOUTCAST in a MP3 format
- You need to have Discord
- Minimum Schedule Commitment of 2 hrs a week
- Provide an audio voice clip within your application.

Application Form:

Please fill out the form as completely and accurately as you can to ensure a swift response.

Thanks & Good Luck!
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Simulator Vibes

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Bumpety Bump.
As SV are in game FS19 and soon to be added to Forking Hell we are not shy on listeners :)
Hop in our Discord for a chat if you need to know more about us.

Simulator Vibes

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Hi Cordelia.
You can add me on Discord and I will invite you to the server. Demo#0457
I am normally around in the evening if that is ok?



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It just won't let me log in to Discord. I don't think it likes me very much. I even tried Firaga but it did not work!


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Silly question but did you create a account ?? I never heard of anyone not being to log in if they have created a Discord account.