Simulator Vibes


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Hi all.
We have created a New Station called Simulator Vibes and we will be based around the Simulator Community Gameplay.
We are already in the process of getting integration within many of these games.
Please feel free to take a look at our website and Join our Discord server to know more on progress if needed.
Please remember this is a new station but active so some features are still in development but Applications are Open.


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can recommend this station, building an amazing platform to compliment the simulation gaming circuit, so will end up with a substantial audience


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We're still on the lookout for talented individuals to join so come check us out.


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As I'm also part of the station, let me explain a bit more and delve into a bit more details of what we are and where we're going to.

The station aims to be a place for presenters who do live-shows and enjoy making radio. Listener-count isn't the holy goal we have. We aim to have a nice quality team that creates enjoyment. Having fun and enjoying yourself while making radio is the most important factor that we have used when creating the radio station.To have some fun, listeners are required logically. But listeners will come eventually as long as you're out there and don't play too much (what some people consider) garbage.

I myself was a presenter at 2 very large stations. The main thing that counted at those stations was the listener-count. And you'll get weird views when you played a song that dropped the listener-count. So the enjoyment of doing shows at those stations was lowered by that. Sure the listener-count is important, but not so important to not even be allowed to play 1 to 3 deviating tracks in a 2 hour show. I would understand if it I played like 5 songs in 1 hour on a popular station that would tank the listener-count with 600.
So after moving on to a different station that wasn't high on the listener-count I came across something called "lack of development". A site that looked like it was created in 2003. A DJ Panel full of tables and a select all button to mark it as read that sometimes works, but not always. All the presenters having the same stream details. Same login name to the DJ panel. Static calendar where you can't book your own extra shows or change your shows or unbook them. Lots of spam. It took me 1 year to convince them to remove the forum and only use Discord. XD

So basically it seems like there is no progress at all at that station. Which makes it a shame as it has the potential, but just not the drive to improve and invigorate the station. Maybe some of these stories will sound recognizable for you. Maybe you are super happy with these examples. But I wasn't, so those kind if things won't be happening at Simulator Vibes.

Like if you become a presenter at SV, you'll get your own access to the DJ Panel.
From the DJ Panel you can check your metadata (to see if it is correct before you play it on-air).
You can report abusive comments (requests or shoutouts) and the person being reported will be blocked for at least 24 hours and management will be notified.
You can book your own single shows (and unbook them up to 4 hours before the show start).
You can book your own recurrent shows (and unbook them/change them).
The DJ Panel also features a song history with more details.
There are frequent meetings with actionable content being held every 2 months at the very least. And we're open to constructive feedback to improve, renew and invigorate.

Discord bot has a integration with the autoDJ so that people can requests songs on AutoDJ.
The bot will have more integrations in the future.But all in all, it's allot of work that has been done in 1,5 months since the station started.
The main features are done and available and use-able.

So yes Simulator Vibes is not a station that has more than 2000 concurrent listeners. But it sure is a place where making radio shows is meant to be fun. And the only way a station can grow and get more interaction from people, is if there are more presenters. If you're able to do at least 2 hours a week live-show. And you have a good character, do apply and give it a shot.

There's so much more that I could share, but then the post would become way too long :p.

We also welcome less experienced presenters. I myself have 6 years experience on a popular FM station with an average of 25.000 listeners, and about 4 years online experience. So if you've just started presenting, don't worry. There's enough experience to guide you and advice you if you're willing to learn and improve.
If you're still on the fence and not sure, go head to the site and join Discord.Then you can always ask us any other questions you might have.


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I can only concur and fully and wholeheartedly agree with Pretmaker, Simulator Vibes is great little station which is going places, mainly because of the background attention to detail being put in place within the development.

I hope SV do well, and think they will.