Small Established Shows looking for a new home....


My name is Terri and I host a show called Cabinet of Curiosities - it's a 2 hour show with music played based on the theme of the week. No genres or anything - just songs that fit the theme in some way.
It's a weekly show - 3 weeks out 4. On Week 4, my friend Mark airs his show, Diamond Lights Express. We both have a modest listener base (I have been told 50-60 sessions for each show, but I have no stats to back that up - however, you can view the listener interaction on Twitter).

Our shows are pre-recorded as due to work schedules etc., it's impossible for either of us to commit to a live slot.

Our current station decided to shut down (with no notice) and we are now homeless.

We're looking for a station that might be willing to give a home to 2 fairly eccentric shows that don't fit into any musical genre or era.

Until our station imploded, we broadcast 7-9pm (BST) on Wednesdays and have been in that slot for a while, so we'd ideally like to stay somewhere around there. We moved once before and lost some listeners and it took a while to get everyone back.

If you'd like to listen to some samples, all shows are archived to Mixcloud

Cabinet of Curiosities

Diamond Lights Express

We'd very much like to get back on the air soon as we've just reached the point where our shows have a regular listenership and slowly starting to grow. The longer we're off the air, the more ground we lose :( We're looking for a station with the appropriate performing rights licence for their location please.

If you would like to get into contact, I can be reached on

Many thanks,

Hi Terri,

We've listened to a couple of yours shows and would be very interested in maybe having you on our station, Mad Wasp Radio, as your show seems to be right into where we are attempting to go. Rather than blather on too much on here, you can contact us at And you can check us out last

We look forward to hearing from you,

Mad Wasp Radio

Thanks to everyone that got in touch, it's very much appreciated. We're very happy to say we now have a spot with Mad Wasp Radio, so we're all sorted.

Best wishes,