Some questions before signing up

I'm thinking about switching over our radio station to Internet-Radio by the end of this month but have some questions.

Is port 80 free? This is important because we like to show the last 10 songs played on our website using for that.

For the Medium & Large streaming package... I'm I correct in assuming there is no limit on the bandwidth, just the users? Just asking but I don't see a bandwidth limit.

Can we easily upgrade to more than 100 users? Once in a while we'll peek at 110 listeners or so - but only when we heavily advertise a show from our twitter account. I would hope it would be a painless process.

I think that's it for now, but I do look forward to hopefully working with Internet-Radio in the near future :)


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Thanks for getting in contact and for your interest in our services. In answer to your questions:

Yes, our new servers offer Port 80 streaming.

Yes, our Small, Medium and Large radio packages all offer unlimited bandwidth usage, its just the listener capacity / bitrate that is fixed.

Yes, this can easily be arranged on any account. Our new credit / debit card payment system will allow our users to easily upgrade or downgrade their plans from within their servers control panel. Any such adjustments will be automatically made against the account and then charged as appropriate against the users card details. However right at this moment, while we are now taking credit / debit card payments, this upgrade feature is currently being fine tuned and is not available just now. But we will have this available very soon. In the meantime you can just email us with any such requests and we can do this manually for you.

We hope this helps, please feel free to ask if you have any further questions. We look forward to working with you as well. :)


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Thats great and no problem at all, we are happy to help.

We hope that you enjoy hosting your station with us. :)
I gotta say so far so good! Very happy how smooth everything has been going so far. It'll probably be only a matter of time until we upgrade our package soon :D


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That's good to hear. 8)

Sure, just get in contact with us via email regarding any upgrades that you may require.


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if I ran my station 24/7, what type of price am I looking at?
Hi Bill,

Welcome to our forums!

This depends really on the bitrate that you would be streaming at and also the number of listeners you get and how long they tune in for each time. All of these factors would determine the amount of bandwidth that your station would use on one of our radio servers and subsequently the cost of this. We have a bandwidth calculator which you may find useful for helping you to work this out:

Some more information on our various packages and pricing can be found here:

We hope this helps? Please just let us know if you have any more questions or if there is anything that we can assist you with at all. You can always contact us by email here: