Song and/or artist Separation in AutoDJ?

sneaky pete

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I am very pleased with the ease of operation and options available in the streaming service, using AutoDJ. i have an oldies station with four categories. Three rotate evenly, and the fourth a bit slower than the rest. I am wondering why i am hearing some songs played a lot more than others, sometimes twice in a day, and the same artist back to back on occasion. is there a function to set up artists and/or song separation, by hours or days?

Hi Pete congrats on the station takes a lot time and work.go to options in auto DJ.look at setting there will show you how much you should separate artists.i have set mine at 240 mins have 900 tracks.adding more tracks would help the way what hosting package do you find the best to use that won't break the bank best of luck.tom

sneaky pete

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Hi Tom.Thanks for your reply. My CentovaCast dashboard does not have an Options section on AutoDJ, only crossfade settings. It is using the Shoutcast platform.


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Hi Sneaky Pete,

Some things that will help with this is either making sure that you have a playlist set to playback as random (shuffled) or manually moving files up and down in a playlist to set an order that you like and then setting the playback to sequential (in order) so you do not ever get the same artist playing back to back. Also the more files that you add into a playlist then the lesser the chance of this kind of thing happening. You should also lower a playlists playback weight to 'less frequently'.