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You really need to sort out all this Spam BS from the forums.
It is getting beyond a joke now.
Im sure you can find some way to implement some kind of security,
New member posts and needs approval from Staff so it then shows to all. (Easy)
Saves the rest of us looking at all the Non Genuine Posts made.

I had to rant but Im sure everyone feels the same.


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Hi Demo,

We totally understand where you are coming from. Believe us when we say the forum spam is the bane of our lives!

If only you could see the amount that does get detected as spam each day and goes into our moderation queue, what manages to slip past this and get posted is only a small percentage.

We are not sure if you have ever run a forum yourself? But it really is a hard thing to prevent as a lot of it is not just bots but real people getting past the captcha test. We must spend around a good hour each day deleting it.

We were actually only discussing this the other day, so we are looking at better ways of handling this.